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New Control Architect Release 5.20.1
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21 Apr 2018 01:55 PM

    New features and improvements available in Control Architect Release 5.20.1. Highlights of this release include major enhancements to configuration views, Control Graph, Control Conversion, and Mongo Server database authentication.

    Improved PKS R430+ Chart View rendering
    PKS Asset Model view is now supported
    Exported PKS Assets are now supported during Import as an additional import source reference
    PKS Alarm Groups are now supported and integrated into Data View
    Exported PKS Alarm Groups are now supported during Import as an additional import source reference
    Safety Manager FSC CDA support has been added
    Exported Safety Manager configuration as Excel file types is now supported
    Mongo Server integration now supports authentication
    Users can lock down their databases by optionally applying authentication
    Chart View enhancements
    Enhanced support for IOChannel Reference and PM I/O Channel blocks
    Control Conversion enhancements
    Support for duplicate Entity names in the Primary Key column
    New <CPREF...> custom parameter reference type that allows the user to specify the <CPREF... format in Excel dynamically
    Control Conversion Solution Packaging/Unpacking
    Users can now package up a Solution Workspace that includes all project file references
    Users can unpack a previously saved package that will restore all file content and resolve all internal file references
    Control Graph enhancements
    control graph is now viewed in a window vs. popup
    supports Graphic references
    view block parameters
    saving view state
    copy to Clipboard
    Undo/Redo support
    User defined connection stroke colors
    Configuration views Peer Map and Stats View auto save & restore
    Generating Peer maps and configuration statistics can often take several minutes depending on the size of the project. The Peer Map and Stats state data is now auto-saved and restored to the configuration project database. If the configuration changes due to additional imports, the user can optionally regenerate the state data.
    LCN DX file import for building references to LCN Schematics
    LCN Native Window supports exporting graphics as a DX text file type that can now be imported. The import processes the DX files and builds HMIWeb equivalent assets that allows for importing of LCN Schematic images to associate and view and provides for graphic relationships to optionally be viewed in a Control Graph view.
    New Advanced Query function for Configuration Data view filtering
    Allows users to define complex queries using an Excel like filtering interface to filter the Data view content

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