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Licensing Control Architect

The Control Architect installation requires a license once installed.  Contact to obtain a trial license.  Contact to obtain purchase information.

When a purchase has been made, AST will email a license key that needs to be installed and authenticated.
Choose Help-Application License menu item from the ribbon main menu.
A licensing dialog window will appear that allows installing, removing  and saving license keys.
Enter the license key obtained from AST and click the Install button.
The application will connect with the AST Authentication Web Service to authenticate the license key.  This can take several seconds during which the status flashes "Authenticating".
If Authentication Web Service fails to connect or authenticate, then click the button to save the license to a file and send this file to for manual authentication.
If manual authentication was required, you can load the returned authenticated license using the Load License button.

Once a license has been installed it can be saved to an external file using the Save License button.  This enables you to backup licenses to enable re-installation (i.e. after an OS reinstall) without having to re-authenticate the license.

Licensing Options

Control Architect has multiple licensing options that includes.

Download Control Architect license document

Policy Cop

This option enables the policy validation engine (PolicyCop) that provides powerful rule authoring and execution on Cxxx project configuration files.

Control Conversion

This option enables the Control Conversion views that support property (parameter) generation and binding to external Excel Data Source types to support Control conversion tasks such as migrating Hiway based configuration to C300.

SCM# Language

This option enables the SCM function block conversion to SCM# Language script for straightforward analysis of complex SCM's.

HMIWeb View and HMIWeb Capture Tool

Includes functions for analyzing and reporting HMIWeb graphic details including cross references for entity usage, parameter usage stats, asset and controller assignments, etc.

Includes a HMIWeb Capture tool for capturing HMIWeb Display Builder static rendering for documentation and linking within the Control Architect HMIWeb configuration view.

Unloading a License Key

If you choose to unload an authenticated license, the license key will automatically be deauthenticated and become invalid.  You will have to contact AST to obtain another license key for loading.