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Licensing Data Transfer

Data Transfer requires licensing on the installed Workstation to continue executing beyond its initial trial period.

New users of Data Transfer that have received the product through Honeywell Software Distribution are required to participate in this licensing process. When the product is first installed, by default it will run with a 7-10 day trial period. You are required to complete the licensing process within this period.

AST wants to assure that you have properly installed TPS Builder and Data Transfer applications and that both are the most recent releases. When contacting AST for a permanent license, you will be asked to participate in a short phone consultation at which time AST can provide valuable training and tips on using the products including:

  1. Discussion on how to setup your TPS Builder Project repositories
  2. Installation and usage of the Hiway Migration Project Link

This consultation is free and is intended to provide Engineers with a quick start in using these products so that they can immediately become productive. AST provides onsite training for customers upon request.

It is very simple to license the Data Transfer product permanently for your installed Workstation as follows:

  1. When executing the Data Transfer application, a small window will appear indicating the current license status. Press the [Enter] key when this window appears to display the License Configuration.
  2. The value that is displayed as the Site Code is unique to your Workstation. You must copy this value to an email attachment and indicate that it is the Site Code. You can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste this value into an email attachment.
  3. Send this Site Code along with the following information to
    1. Customer Name and Address
    2. Honeywell Master SID
    3. Contact Name and Phone Number
    4. Honeywell Model Number used to purchase Data Transfer
  4. AST will return a Site Key within 24-hours of receipt of this information by return email.
  5. When you have received your Site key execute the following procedure:
    1. Execute the Data Transfer application and press the [Enter] key when the license window appears.
    2. Copy the Site Key received from AST into the Site Key edit window. You can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from the email to copy this Site Key.
    3. Click the Validate button to validate the Site Key.
    4. Continue execution of the Data Transfer application.
  6. Each time Data Transfer is executed, it will verify the licensing for the Workstation. If the licensing is valid, it will indicate that you have an unlimited license.

Transferring Your License To Another Workstation

The License Configuration window that is displayed when Data Transfer is executed allows you to also transfer your License Key to another Workstation. You can follow the procedure using the Help documentation by clicking the menu item Site Help - Licensing this program... and following the topic Moving a License.

It is recommended that if you require moving your license to another Workstation, that you simply follow the procedure for killing a license and sending the confirmation code back to AST along with the new Site Code from the new Workstation installation. You have a trial period when installing the Data Transfer application on the new Workstation, which allows you to continue your Engineering efforts while waiting for the new Site Key from AST, which will be within 24-hours of receipt of the killed license confirmation code and the new Workstation Site Code.