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Control Architect

Control Architect is our flagship product developed for both Honeywell PKS Experion and legacy LCN sites.

Control Architect provides a suite of engineering tools and functions that reduce overall engineering costs during project execution and provide powerful analysis and documentation tools for life cycle management of C200-C300 based control systems and legacy LCN control systems.

Features include:

  • PKS XML configuration and HMIWeb graphic file importing to a Configuration Asset data Model to facilitate control strategy analysis and documentation
  • Support for FSC, SCADA and LCN configuration
  • Support for OPCI
  • Exporting of configuration data to Excel
  • Control Module chart viewing similar to the Control Builder chart view with enhanced features and functions
  • SCM function block conversion to SCM# Language script for straightforward analysis of complex SCM's
  • Control Module Chart View Ink surface annotation to facilitate white board collaboration amongst users
  • Full external references for all function blocks and parameters including references to CAB and SCM alias references
  • Visual peer analysis within community server nodes including ACE and C300, FIM, PCDI, LCN xPM peer.
  • Visual InterCluster parameter analysis for use in control strategies between EPKS server nodes and communities
  • Node Statistics analysis for both LCN and PKS Process Controller types
  • HMIWeb Graphic integration with detailed analysis and reporting
  • HMIWeb Capture tool for capturing PDF or PNG images of HMIWeb Display Builder static rendering
  • Control Graph view that provides a graphic representation of all interconnected Control Strategies in a project (supports both PKS and LCN including CL)
  • xPM Logic and Device Control Logic views for graphical representation of interconnected logic gates
  • Policy validation engine (PolicyCop) that provides powerful rule authoring and execution on project configuration
  • Automatic policy rule generation based on existing configuration to be used as a Template or typical
  • Workflow activities used for Control Conversion tasks to convert Honeywell Exception Build (EB) files to Excel
  • Control Conversion views that support property (parameter) generation and binding to external Excel Data Source types to support Control conversion tasks such as migrating Hiway based configuration to PKS CEE, building new SCADA or LCN EB configuration, import into Honeywell TPS Builder
  • Workflow activities that generate new Control Module configuration based on data binding to external Excel Data Sources
  • Workflow activities to support Control Strategy importing into Honeywell Win7 TPS Builder
  • Workflow activities that provide batch editing of project Control Module configuration
  • Compare functions for comparing configuration snapshot versions for management of change reporting
  • Full Triconex integration including PKS PCDI, SCADA, LCN DHP, SM, PLCG
  • View, trace, validate, and debug Modbus connectivity to/from Triconex
  • Trace DCS Parameter connections through to the Triconex Program logic without having to deal with Modbus mapping calculations and without having to view the Program logic in the native TriStation application
  • PLC Program Logic View allows users to view and navigate Triconex Program logic

what's new

How Control Architect Helps Honeywell PKS Control System Users

Analyze Configuration Quality

PolicyCop is an application tool that analyzes Process Control Strategy configuration and reports errors and other information about the configuration, such as suggested best practices, misuse of function blocks, range scaling issues, missing or incorrectly chosen options, standardization failures, etc.  Many of the issues concern design violations and best practices in the design and use of functions that define a Control strategy.  

PolicyCop is intended for engineers and organizations that want to develop process Control strategies where standards are enforced and to minimize process Startup issues typically found with new Control Strategy developments. 

AST has developed a set of Rule Sets that define good engineering practice and proper use of  CEE function blocks used in Control Strategy development. They are available for download to licensed users.  Control Architect has a Rule Editor that can be used to build your own custom policy rules to be used in the PolicyCop Workflow tool.

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Configuration Views

Control Architect uses several configuration views to help you better understand your Control Strategy and its relationships with Control Modules.  Control Architect helps you make better decisions involving life cycle management with its rich configuration views.  Below are examples of some of the configuration views supported in Control Architect including the new SCM# View that translates complex SCM Modules into a code language equivalent.

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Peer Analysis

Control Architect allows you to view Peer-to-Peer relationships for CEE, FIM, PCDI node types within a PKS Server and Peer-to-Peer relationships between PKS Servers (communities) and their Gateway nodes.

Peer analysis is also supported for LCN xPM project types.

Peer relationships are visualized in a circular reference chart.

These views provide indications of the amount of peer traffic that is occurring within the Process Controller nodes and Experion communities. 

  • Identify potential peer traffic issues and to help make better decisions when implementing new Control strategies with the intent to keep peer traffic to its minimum.
  • Identify peer for Honeywell legacy conversion to PKS to assist in risk mitigation during cutovers


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Control Conversion

Control Architect supports Bulk Build/Edit of PKS CEE, PKS SCADA, LCN EB, and Win7 TPS Builder strategies.  A new project is available for importing into Control Architect that provides a predefined Control Conversion solution for migrating legacy Honeywell Hiway data point configurations to PKS CEE resident strategies.  A new Hiway Control Conversion Plugin has been developed that can be referenced in a Control Conversion Template that provides Hiway Regulatory Box control analysis for automatically generating PKS CEE resident Control strategies.  This solution migrates all Hiway resident point configuration including PIU's, CB/EC/MC Regulatory algorithms and MC simple point types including Timer, Numeric, Flag. Below are examples of using this Control Conversion solution.

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Compare Configuration Snapshots

Control Architect provides a Compare function that allows users to compare versions of data configuration for changes that have occurred over a period of time or between configuration snapshots. This is an effective tool for managing configuration changes in a Control Strategy life cycle. Below are examples of using this Compare function.

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Control Architect Online Help

View help online for Control Architect.  This document is updated frequently for new content and changes based on user comments.

05/01/2021      Control Architect Help  Version 21.20.2

View help online for Control Architect rule authoring API.

06/17/2016      Control Architect Rule Authoring API Help