Data Transfer Product

Data Transfer© allows you to quickly transfer (import/export) TPS Builder® data from another application including:

  • Point Builder®
  • Honeywell TPS Exception Build (EB) Files
  • Instrument Databases
  • Microsoft Access®, Oracle®, Paradox® databases, DBase files, Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, SQL Server®
  • HTML Files
  • Text Files
  • Custom Configuration Tools
  • Custom Reporting Tools
  • Custom Configuration Data Collection Front End Tools (data collected from customers to support the configuration process)

Data Transfer provides you with all the tools to use your TPS Builder application more effectively while dramatically reducing the Engineering time and costs.


  •  Data is organized into Workspaces, Project Links, and Templates.
  • All point types configurable by TPS Builder® with the exception of IOMap are supported.
  • The transfer of TPS parameter data is done through a graphical interface.
  • Visual drag & drop binding.
  • A Binding Wizard allows you to quickly configure a set of bindings.
  • Parameter binding data can be imported/exported to other user Data Transfer© application databases.
  • Import/Export operations can be scheduled to run at a future date or periodically.
  • Import/Export operations can be executed without any data collection previewing.
  • Import/Export operations can be executed interactively by viewing the collected parameter data prior to performing the operation.
  • Strategy/Parameter items from a Data Collection task, can be selected/deselected to provide control over the transfer of specific parameter data.
  • All application reports are generated as HTML pages for viewing on your host WEB browser or for E-Mailing to other recipients.
  • All parameter data import/export activities are logged along with any encountered parameter level errors.
  • All parameter data used in an import/export operation is logged to History.
  • Data collections can be compared and a report generated to quickly determine changes over a period of time.
  • An Archive Wizard guides you through the importing and exporting of Project Links. Exported Project Links can be used by others and to maintain an archive library.
  • An expression language for data manipulation.
  • Data Transfer© supports the creation of TPS modules and embedded strategies using data provided in an external data source.
  • An Exception Build (EB) file translation Wizard allows you to quickly translate EB files to a Microsoft Access database. This gives users the ability to import Hiway Gateway (HG) data from the TPS system into a TPS Builder® Universal Control Network (UCN) project.
  • Using the AST Hiway Migration Project Link, you can quickly migrate your Hiway data points to a Process Manager.
  • A Hiway Gateway Regulatory Control Conversion Wizard quickly generates Process Manager based controls from Hiway Gateway CB, EC, and MC box types.
  • A MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard migrates all MC/CL files and Logic Blocks to Process Manager based Logic strategies and PM/CL.
  • An Organization Wizard to organize your TPS Builder Hardware and Control Views.

System Requirements

To use Data Transfer, you need: 

  • Personal Computer with a Pentium 100 or higher processor.
  • Minimum 64 MB of memory
  • VGA or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended.
  • Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouses, or compatible pointing device.
  • 15 MB of disk space for application installation. Other data storage requirements will vary depending on its use.
  • Microsoft Windows NT® version 4.0 with Service Pack 4 plus any hot fixes for Y2K compliance.
  • Win95/Win98 operating systems are not supported.
  • MDAC 2.1 (Microsoft Data Access Components) are provided as part of this install.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0