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Control Architect Downloads

Contact for a download link and trial license for Control Architect.

Download Control Architect Help documents:

This help document is in Word doc file format.  This document is updated frequently for new content and changes based on user comments.

 04/04/2021    Control Architect Help     35 MB            Version 21.11.1   Microsoft Word docx file format

 04/04/2021    Control Architect Help     30 MB            Version 21.11.1   Adobe PDF file format

 04/13/2015    Control Architect PowerPoint Presentation

Legacy Product Downloads

Download the Data Transfer application product:

This maintenance release download is for licensed users of Data Transfer.  

You can also evaluate the Data Transfer application using this maintenance release download.  The installed trial license will give you 7-days of restricted engineering usage.

It is recommended that you download and install all maintenance releases as they become available.  Contact AST at or phone 505-504-1983 to obtain a permanent license for the Data Transfer application.

 06/30/02    DataTransferMaintenance.exe     7.6 MB            Notes        Version 1.50.005

Download the following packaged Project Links:

AST has provided ready to use Project Links, which can be downloaded and installed in your Data Transfer application.  You must have a permanent Data Transfer license to download and install the Project Links.  Click the link below to register for the downloaded Project Link.  When you register, you will be sent via email a serial number to use when installing the Project Link.

Register For Project Link Download.

11/03/01    PointBuilderPL.exe         0.6 MB      Notes        Version 1.10.00    Point Builder Project Link  

05/14/02    HiwayGatewayPL.exe     0.7 MB      Notes        Version 1.90.002  Hiway Gateway Conversion Project Link

Download the TPS Area Configuration add-in for TPS Builder:

This is the new TPS Area Configuration tool designed to seamlessly integrate into your TPS Builder application.

05/27/02    TPSAreaConfig.exe        1.9 MB      Version 1.00.001