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AST: Engineering Tools for Honeywell Control Systems

We specialize in the development of tools for automating the engineering and life-cycle processes of Honeywell Control Systems.

New Control Architect product updates are available!

Latest Update: Control Architect 23.11.1 has just been released!

Published by AST - 24 March 2023

Control Architect enhancements:

  • Control Conversion functions supported within Control Architect have been enhanced to support additional Excel lookup functions and support for excluding entity generation when converting Honeywell LCN { SM, DHP, PLCG } data to SCADA.

  • Enhanced Honeywell TPS Builder synchronization to imported LCN configuration snapshots.

  • A new report function has been added for the configuration Data view that generates a data set for all external references to the entities in the configuration snapshot that can then be pasted into an Excel spreadsheet.

Control Architect is our flagship product developed for both Honeywell PKS Experion and legacy LCN sites. Control Architect provides a suite of engineering tools and functions that reduce overall engineering costs during project execution and provide powerful analysis and documentation tools for life cycle management of C200-C300 based control systems and legacy LCN control systems.

Featured Product:
Featured Product:

Control Architect
The flagship product Control Architect is finally available!

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Legacy AST Products
are still available

Published by AST - 01 April 2014

  • Data Transfer by TPS Builder
  • TPN Scan sync for TPS Builder

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