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Peer Analysis

Control Architect allows you to view Peer-to-Peer relationships for CEE, FIM, PCDI node types within a PKS Server and Peer-to-Peer relationships between PKS Servers (communities) and their Gateway nodes.

Peer analysis is also supported for LCN xPM project types.

Peer relationships are visualized in a circular reference chart.

These views provide indications of the amount of peer traffic that is occurring within the Process Controller nodes and Experion communities.

Identify potential peer traffic issues and to help make better decisions when implementing new Control strategies with the intent to keep peer traffic to its minimum.

Identify peer for Honeywell legacy conversion to PKS to assist in risk mitigation during cutovers
Configuring InterCluster Gateway PeerView Analysis
InterCluster Gateway PeerView Analysis View
PeerView for a large LCN with only selected LCN Networks/Nodes
PeerView for Edge Controllers Network
PeerView for a highly integrated C300 & 3rd Party Device Connected Networks
PeerView Options to sort on Peer Data