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TPN Scan for TPS Builder

Finally, TPS Builder configuration can be maintained and synchronized with your TPS System configuration without having to generate EB files from the TPS System and manually back-build them into TPS Builder.

AST has developed an Application that will allow users of TPS Builder to automatically synchronize their offline SQL Server database configurations with the TPS System utilizing TPN Server.  This Application will considerably reduce the effort involved in maintaining synchronization and you will always be able to view all Strategy Parameter changes that have occurred online prior to accepting these changes to your master TPS Builder Engineering databases.
Legacy Product
Legacy Product

TPN Scan
for TPS Builder

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This product also includes an Add-In tool to TPS Builder to allow on-demand TPN Scanning of Strategy parameters in a Control Drawing or Parameter Form and subsequent updating to TPS Builder Strategy parameters to synchronize with changes detected from the TPS System.  The following is a list of main features found in the product:

• Easy to use interface allows users to quickly begin scanning parameter data for change detection
• TPN Scanning with the TPS System can be scheduled to run at a periodical interval such as once a week
• Changes are reported in a customizable HTML Report
• Parameters can be automatically excluded that are detected as being updated by other Strategy writes
• Parameter changes can be rejected and reports quickly generated for Operations personnel
• Changes that have been scanned result in automatic notifications when a user opens a Control Drawing or Parameter Form.  These changes are listed and allows the user to accept them and update the offline Strategy parameter values before making any other subsequent configuration changes.
• Parameter change detection can be requested manually from an opened Control Drawing or Parameter Form in TPS Builder to assure the Engineer is working with the latest configuration data
• Parameter changes that are detected can applied to the offline TPS Builder strategies in a simple operation
• Scheduled TPN Scans can generate email notifications to recipients to indicate the status of the task
• Scheduled TPN Scans can be configured to pause during certain hours of the day to minimize loading on the SQL Server platform when offline configuration changes are being executed by Engineers
• History is maintained for all changes made to the TPS Builder databases.  This History is used to generated Management Of Change (MOC) documentation that is crucial in many Industrial processes.


• GUS or App Node running public TPN Server
• TPS Builder 1.43 or later
• Local or remote SQL Server


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