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Automation Software Technology, Inc.

About Automation Software Technology

We specialize in the development of tools used to automate the engineering and life-cycle processes of Honeywell Control Systems.

As an Automation/Software engineer and as an Automation Consultant, I have been developing and using engineering tools to facilitate the engineering of Honeywell Control systems for over 30 years. I have been developing engineering tools for Honeywell Control systems since 1991 both as an independent consultant to Honeywell and as a consultant under “Automation Software Technology”. 

Automation Software Technology has a proven track record of delivering high value tools for the automation industry designed to reduce costs, increase quality while reducing the life cycle costs of automation projects that deploy on Honeywell Control systems.

Contact us for more information about our flagship product - Control Architect.
Featured Product:
Featured Product:

Control Architect
The flagship product Control Architect is finally available!

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